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The Academic eBook Experience

The academic world is facing a problem but not everyone acknowledges that, including ourselves. Not until we were invited to participate in a workshop for university institutions (Columbia, NYU, MIT, University of Michigan) with press and library representatives attending as well. Representatives from NYPL, DPLA, JSTOR, Amigos Library Services, and Hathi Trust were also invited to discuss the academic ebook experience.
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Congratulations, Delivros!

We would like to congratulate our business partners Delivros on their merger with Orell Füssli Thalia AG!

The new exciting venture, Delivros Orell Füssli AG, is promised to create a leading provider of Switzerland’s printed and electronic content for schools, companies and libraries, which will benefit from the combined expertise in retail and delivery of digital content.

We wish you the best of luck as a new venture, in successfully accomplishing your professional goals and continuing to deliver the best reading experience to your customers!

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TPAC 2018: Everything You Need To Know


October was a great traveling month for the EP team. One of the most memorable trips that took place was Juan Corona’s trip to Lyon, France, where he attended the W3C TPAC Conference. Juan got to participate in the Publishing Working Group, contributing his thoughts and providing feedback on the Web Publication Specifications and EPUB 4.

Learn more about the MVP, Web Publication Boundaries, Audiobooks and more:

Continue reading TPAC 2018: Everything You Need To Know

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Readium 0.31 was released.

We are excited to announce the release of Readium 0.31. Important to mention that while the work on “Readium 2” and Readium Web is continuing, “Readium 1” is now viewed to be in “maintenance mode”. This means fixing high priority bugs such as crash, data loss, etc., with no new features being developed or planned. As a part of the improvements and enhancements in this release, Readium updates include:
Continue reading Readium 0.31 was released.

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We are cooking something up for you!

Last week, we had the pleasure of meeting up with two lovely ladies: Lenny Yun, a Langley School District Liaison and district teacher, and Susan Cairns, the executive director of the Langley School District Foundation.

The reason for the interview was simple – we wanted to find ways of making the life of students better.

Continue reading We are cooking something up for you!

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Updates from iAnnotate 2018: What EP’s Lead Developer Has Got To Say


If you couldn’t make it to iAnnotate 2018 in the sunny San Francisco, we’ve got some good news for you! Our lead developer Juan Corona had delivered an amazing presentation and co-hosted a workshop with our partners from Hypothesis, so we are eager to share parts of it with all of you.

Continue reading Updates from iAnnotate 2018: What EP’s Lead Developer Has Got To Say

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Stay informed: What Is Copyright & How to Protect Your Work?

In the age of digital literacy, more and more authors choose several formats to publish their work in: printed and digital. If much of the copyright process is clear with printed media, it is not straightforward at all when it comes to the digital copyright laws. That’s why it is important for modern authors to know what eBook copyright is and how to protect one’s work on the Internet.

Let’s break it down!

Continue reading Stay informed: What Is Copyright & How to Protect Your Work?

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If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to…attend I Annotate 2018!

We are beyond excited to have Evident Point’s Lead Developer Juan Corona head over to the sunny San Francisco to assist in hosting a workshop at the I Annotate 2018 conference.

I Annotate 2018 provides attendees with a unique opportunity to learn about integration and customization of annotation software for various use cases in any platform or publication, including EPUB and PDF formats.

I Annotate is taking place June 6 & 7 at Fort Mason Arts & Culture Center in San Francisco with writer and activist Barret Brown as a keynote speaker. To see Juan, as well as share ideas and experience with leading thinkers from all over the world, and from various industries, including education, science and publishing, register at

Evident Point is proud to have the members of our team participate in international events, including the most recent DPub 2018 summit in Berlin, as well as the upcoming I Annotate 2018 conference. As experts in the field, we understand the importance of providing members of our team with an opportunity to meet and share experience with progressive professionals like themselves.

For more information, please visit the official website of I Annotate 2018:


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Evident Point is going to the Digital Publishing Summit Europe 2018!

We are happy to announce that Evident Point’s founder Yuri Khramov is going to participate at the Digital Publishing Summit Europe 2018.

The DPub Summit is taking place in Berlin on May 16th and 17th.  This event will be focused on giving participants an opportunity to share and discuss latest innovations and technological advances in the publishing industry, covering topics such as EPUB 3 interoperability & Readium LCP. Join Yuri for his presentation to learn more about Readium NG and its updates, covering the new iteration of a web-based Readium EPUB navigator, view system, and reading system component.

Evident Point is excited to be a part of this event and to be able to share our experience & professional knowledge as Readium experts. We are very proud of the contribution our team is making to the Readium 1 and would be happy to share our expertise and provide commercial consultations to those building their own readers.

To find more information about the DPub Summit, please visit its official page: 

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How Can Active Textbook Help Students Who Are Struggling?

It is no secret that studying can be challenging: browsing through endless textbook pages, taking notes and highlighting half of the page with a yellow sharpie.“Sometimes studying is boring, just deal with it” is what students are taught to accept as an inevitable rule. But does studying actually have to be boring?

Sometimes, it can be. However, with Active Textbook students can reduce those occurrences to a minimum.  Learn how…

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Readium 0.30 Has Been Released

The Readium development community is pleased to announce the release of 0.30. This release was pushed to master and the Chrome store on 8 March 2018.
This release is one significant fix for the Chrome app and some minor updates:
  • A regression bug was fixed that caused the reader’s place in the book to be not restored properly when the book was re-opened.
  • The licenses in the SDK have been changed from GNU-Affero to BSD-3-Clause
  • Additional fixes and improvements to the support in the Readium CloudReader
  • Updating the Android support in the SDK to the latest releases for Android tooling and the NDK
  • A number of minor bug fixes across the various modules (please see detailed release notes here)
The tag for this release is 0.30 on GitHub.
Improvements and Enhancements in this Release
readium-shared-js and readium-cfi-js
A number of improvements to navigation and layout.
Chrome App
Includes a fix to correctly restore the user’s reading place in the book.  This was primarily a Windows bug but also occurred on Mac in some conditions.
Readium Cloud Reader
Minor bug fixes to navigation with the plugin.
Note that the support is ONLY available in the CloudReader version of ReadiumJS.  It is NOT available in the Readium Chrome app.  We regret this, but it is simply not feasible to implement that functionality within the Google Chrome app framework
The licenses for all the source code have been changed from GNU-Affero to BSD 3–Clause.
The  source code for 0.30 has been pushed to master.
The master branch of the repos have all been tagged with 0.30.
A new build of the CloudReader is here.
A new  build of the Chrome App is here
The new build of the Chrome App has been pushed to the Chrome store here.
The release notes have been updated here.
The release notes have been updated for 0.30 and preview of 0.31
Release 0.31-alpha
The develop branch is now tagged as 0.31-alpha. No ETA for its release is yet available though we would like to release it before May.
Thanks and Acknowledgements
Many thanks to Daniel Weck for toiling through the tedious release process.  And many thanks to Daniel, Juan from Evident Point and all the other contributors for making the release possible.
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Three Tips to Create Digital Content That Stands Out from the Crowd

Online publishing is on the rise and currently there is an abundance of digital content. Since over ninety million people are using e-books, it is absolutely essential for you to stay on top of new trends in the online publishing industry and to make sure your content doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

It may feel overwhelming to keep up with all of the new trends in such an evolving industry, that’s why we are giving you three tips that help you publish content that stands out from the others. Continue reading Three Tips to Create Digital Content That Stands Out from the Crowd

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New Fill in the Blank Functionality for ActiveTextbook

One of the most requested features for ActiveTextbook is the ability to fill in the blanks left in the original text. We are excited to announce that Evident Point is now working on adding this new overlay to ActiveTextbook!

With the new fill in the blank overlay, your readers will be able to highlight the blank areas left in the original text, choose “Create Overlay” from the drop down context menu, and select the new “Fill the Blank” overlay as shown in the picture below. Continue reading New Fill in the Blank Functionality for ActiveTextbook

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Evident Point and eThink Education partner to provide adaptive and active learning capabilities to Moodle and Totara

We are pleased to announce that Evident Point has partnered with eThink Education, a world-class eLearning solutions provider, to provide adaptive and active learning capabilities to Moodle and Totara users.

This partnership  provides eThink clients with ActiveTextbook, an adaptive learning tool that enhances student learning, and can be seamlessly integrated within the Learning Management System (LMS). ActiveTextbook takes learners from reading to interacting by allowing Instructors to enrich course materials with videos, images, audio clips, texts, attachments, and interactive widgets, encouraging deeper engagement with learning resources.

eThink clients can now take advantage of ActiveTextbook features such as: Continue reading Evident Point and eThink Education partner to provide adaptive and active learning capabilities to Moodle and Totara

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Datalogics releases READynamic 3.2 with SONY DRM

Datalogics, Evident Point’s distribution partner and the premier source for PDF, EdTech and eBook technologies, has released ActiveTextbook-based READynamic 3.2 – now with Sony DADC User Rights Management Solution (URMS) support for both PDF and EPUB documents.

SONY’s Right Management System offers a powerful level of industry recognized security that will allow for full content protection. It offers flexible Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to work with different business models and help businesses create the desired user experience. Continue reading Datalogics releases READynamic 3.2 with SONY DRM

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Readium 0.29 Has Been Released

Readium 0.29 has been released

The Readium development community is pleased to announce the release of 0.29. This release was pushed to master and the Chrome store on 22 December 2017.

This release is primarily some minor updates:

  • Additional fixes and improvements to the support in the Readium CloudReader
  • Updating the Android support in the SDK to the latest releases for Android tooling and the NDK
  • A number of minor bug fixes across the various modules

The tag for this release is 0.29 on GitHub.  Continue reading Readium 0.29 Has Been Released

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W3C Has Published Three First Public Working Drafts

The W3C Publishing Working Group has published three First Public Working Drafts (FPWD), and Evident Point is ensuring that ActiveTextbook is compliant with all three. According to W3C, the three drafts are as follows:

Web Publications – A collection of information defining the structures of Web Publications in a way that user agents are able to provide user experiences that are well-suited to reading publications. These user experiences include features such as sequential navigation and offline reading. The Web Publications include the default reading order, a list of resources, and publication-wide metadata. Continue reading W3C Has Published Three First Public Working Drafts

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ActiveTextbook on The Path of Becoming Fully Accessible

Currently, around 15-20% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability. This is the case while most websites and software products are not accessible, making it difficult or even impossible for many people to use.

Web is an essential part of daily life for a lot of people and it is crucial to remove barriers that prevent interaction with or access to websites and software products. One example of accessibility is adding alternative texts to images (alt text). Adding alt texts to photos allows visually impaired users to get access to the image information using screen readers. There is even a business case here since in addition to accessibility, adding alternative texts will greatly help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it provides better image descriptions, helping search engine crawlers to index an image properly. Continue reading ActiveTextbook on The Path of Becoming Fully Accessible

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Readium 0.28 Has Been Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Readium 0.28. This new version of the EPUB reading system can be used in different browsers and embedded into browser apps.

One of the main components of this release is the implementation of a plugin, which provides integration with the framework of annotations and bookmarks. The integration will provide readers and authors the ability to Continue reading Readium 0.28 Has Been Released

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Creating A Quiz In ActiveTextbook

With Active Textbook, quizzes can be made available right inside the book for students to interact with and test their understanding of the concepts as they are reading.

The quiz feature is an interactive overlay (an overlay is an object added to books in ActiveTextbook) that is created in a book. Interactive questions can be created that will be shown after a Reader clicks on the overlay zone. Quizzes can be placed anywhere in the book. It is a great resource for engaging students and making sure they are following along. Continue reading Creating A Quiz In ActiveTextbook

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The Integration Project To Bring Open Source Annotation Support to EPUBs Has Been Completed

Evident Point, together with our esteemed partners, Hypothesis, NYU Press, Readium Foundation, and EPUBjs, is pleased to announce the successful completion of Hypothesis and Readium integration to bring open source annotation support to EPUBs through Readium.

Readium is a free, open source, cross-platform reading system engine that provides the best way to read EPUB, the fastest-growing eBook format, and is the leading online open platform for annotating the web. In this integration project, Evident Point has developed the ability for the annotation framework to Continue reading The Integration Project To Bring Open Source Annotation Support to EPUBs Has Been Completed

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We Are Exhibiting At The World Conference On Online Learning (ICDE 2017)!

We are excited to announce that we are going to be exhibiting at the World Conference On Online Learning, the 27th edition of the International Council for Open and Distance Education   (ICDE) World Conference.

The conference takes place at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto with the theme of Teaching in The Digital Age – Re-Thinking Teaching and Learning. We will be at the conference from October 16th to 19th. If you are attending this event, stop by our booth (#41) and find out how ActiveTextbook is changing the eLearning experience and supporting open and flexible learning. Continue reading We Are Exhibiting At The World Conference On Online Learning (ICDE 2017)!

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EPUB: Server-side pagination

EPUB file format has been widely adopted as a format for digital books. EPUB specification is very comprehensive, it defines:

  • EPUB Container, XHTML files in a zip container.
  • EPUB Package, a way to relate components of an EPUB to each other. This may include various metadata, index, table of contents and spine information.
  • EPUB Canonical Fragment Identifier (CFI), a mechanism for describing a location within an EPUB.
  • Media Overlays, which allow to synchronize audio tracks with text content in a book.

and various other technical standards.  The latest spec is EPUB 3.1.

There are two omissions however, namely searching and pagination. We will describe searching in a future article and tackle pagination today.

Continue reading EPUB: Server-side pagination

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Creating Overlays in ActiveTextbook

In this post we will be exploring media overlays and how to add them to your books. Overlays are interactive elements that can be added to the content; these interactive elements can be videos, images, text, attachments, quizzes, links, audio clips, and interactive widgets.

There are two ways of adding overlays to books. The first method is to highlight the text you want to add an overlay to. After making your text selection, a context menu will appear. At this point you can click “Create Overlay.” Continue reading Creating Overlays in ActiveTextbook

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Next-Generation Learning Management Systems (LMS)

According to the Horizon Report, 2017 Higher Education Edition, the next-generation Learning Management Systems (LMS) are virtual learning spaces that support personalization, meet universal design standards, play a large role in formative learning assessment, and are more flexible than traditional LMS. A market study done by Technavio, a leading global technology research and advisory company, suggests that the global next generation LMS market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 26% during 2016-2020. Continue reading Next-Generation Learning Management Systems (LMS)

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ActiveTextbook with Docker Containers

I’d like to discuss a topic that’s not directly relevant to end users but is very important to businesses hosting and maintaining ActiveTextbook. Specifically, I’ll be talking about hosting and updating ActiveTextbook server software with Docker containers.

Docker is a containerization technology that has taken off in the last few years. The original ground work was laid by Google, but popularized by Docker Inc in 2013. Containerization is a standard way to package server side applications. Packaging all applications in the same manner allows for a efficient workflows and numerous other benefits: Continue reading ActiveTextbook with Docker Containers

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Evident Point is Developing a Storefront for ActiveTextbook

We are pleased to announce that Evident Point is in the process of developing a storefront in ActiveTextbook, allowing customers to monetize their books through our platform. The storefront will be available as a fully white-labelled solution, and will implement the PayPal system to allow users a safe and reliable way to purchase eBooks. Our clients will be able to get a branded storefront with a responsive mobile-friendly design to sell their interactive eBooks online. Read more…

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Creating a Group in ActiveTextbook PRO

Welcome to the “Creating Groups in ActiveTextbook” blog. We are going to show you step by step how to create Contacts and Groups in ActiveTextbook, and how to assign a book to Groups.


A Group is a list of individual users that can be addressed in a single action, such as granting and revoking access to Books or sending messages. For example, you can setup a Group to represent a class. Each Group has an Owner – an individual user that created the Group and controls access to it. Accounts that are operating under Publisher roles are allowed to create Groups in ActiveTextbook PRO. Read more…

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Scribble Path Smoothing

Some devices don’t report precise touch point readings. This results in noisy(i.e., not smooth) scribble paths. We need to clean up the scribble data.

Firstly, we use the Douglas-Peucker path simplification algorithm to reduce the number of points in a scribble. Douglas-Peucker is able to remove about 80% of points while retaining shape of scribble. It works by removing any points that fall near a line between some other two points. Then when drawing a path with the reduced set of points, a shape very similar to the original scribble path is reproduced. Read more…

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Discussions beyond the classroom

One of the unique features of ActiveTextbook is that it allows users to add comment boxes to the books and initiate discussions with others. ActiveTextbook is a great addition to Learning Management Systems (LMS) since it allows comment boxes to be created inside the books, which is unlike most systems, where discussion boards are typically located in a separate folder.

With our platform, students are able to share their ideas anywhere, any time. They also have the opportunity to reflect on their thought and check for spelling before posting a comment. Furthermore, the platform is a valuable tool for students who don’t feel comfortable speaking in classrooms. Read more…

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Annotating eBooks with

Evident Point has partnered with to bring annotation support to Readium and ActiveTextbook. is the leading online open platform for annotating the web, while Readium is the largest open source project for consuming ePUB documents.

The goal of this partnership is to bring ebook annotations capabilities to the web. This is what Laurent Le Meur of EDRLabs had to say in A partnership to bring open annotation to eBooks – EDRLab : Read more…

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Evident Point has joined Publishing Working Group

Evident Point Software has joined the Publishing Working Group, by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), to work together with other organizations on advancing traditional publishing and Web standards. Prior to joining W3C, Evident Point was a founding member of IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) which was integrated with W3C in January 2017. Read more…

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Readium 1.5: towards a fully compliant Readium 2

Readium 1 is now ancient in Internet terms, and there are a number of good reasons for a rewrite. However while that is happening it’s helpful to reuse some of the functionality from Readium 1 with Readium 2.

Although Evident Point was the initial contributor to Readium, there were many organizations and individuals that contributed to Readium over the years. Readium grew organically, to solve business needs at the time. This has resulted in a complex code base that is poorly documented and is difficult for newcomers to understand. To address these and other issues EDRLab announced the start of Readium 2 project at the end of 2016.

Along with resolving issues identified earlier, Readium 2 (R2) aims to define a “Web Publication Manifest”. Readium 1 (R1) was only designed to work with ePUB documents, while R2 is committed to the open web by engineering support for various document types at inception.

Readium 2 introduces a few architectural changes compared to Readium 1. Read more…

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Interactive Solution for Corporate Training

Corporate training programs are designed to bring all the employees to the same level of knowledge and skills that is consistent with the company’s standards. In the technology era, training methods such as one-sided presentations typically lead to having disengaged audiences, and therefore, are not the best solutions anymore. Nowadays, it is crucial to have interactive training programs to enhance learning experience and have satisfied and well-trained employees from the very beginning. As it is often said, employees are company’s best assets, and thus, companies need to take advantage of their own talent by increasing productivity and engagement as much as possible. With an effective and engaging training program, new workforce would likely become high-performing and motivated employees in the long run.

Motivating employees to participate and engage in the corporate training programs have become very challenging, and that is why Read more…

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ActiveTextbook: The Solution for Online Learning

Online learning (eLearning) has become a global phenomenon as many educational institutions have entered the field in an effort to improve the student learning experience. While eLearning has many benefits such as cost saving and customizing learning materials, it does have a few shortcomings compared to traditional classrooms.

Two of the biggest disadvantages of eLearning have been lack of student interaction and motivation. In traditional classrooms, students are able to interact with each other and learn from one another by asking questions or listening to comments of others. This traditional environment has greatly enhanced learning and helped students stay engaged and motivated. To bridge the gap between traditional classrooms and online learning, ActiveTextbook provides a platform with interactive features that improves teaching and learning experiences and helps students stay engaged. In this blog, we will look at a few ways instructors can boost the student learning experience using ActiveTextbook:

Read more…

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Single sign-on: ActiveTextbook with an LMS using OAuth2


You’re probably familiar with OAuth2 already. OAuth2 is the technology behind the “Login with Facebook” or “Login with Google” buttons (and many others). OAuth2 is the best way to create a single sign on for two disparate web applications.

With single sign-on (SSO) users do not have to remember multiple passwords when logging into various applications. This becomes especially convenient with applications such as Blackboard, Canvas or Moodle where an instructor embeds an ActiveTextbook document in a course. When a user clicks the book link from within an LMS the user is transparently logged into ActiveTextbook without having to type a username and password, potentially without realizing that they have ended up in a separate application. Read more…

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Evident Point brings Web annotations to Readium and ActiveTextbook

W3C has standardized annotations which is a step towards the right direction. Evident Point is working together with NYU Libraries, NYU Press, Readium and Hypothesis to bring annotation to EPUBs. By working together, this partnership will bring collaboration and cross-platform annotation to eBooks. Which is the next step in bringing hihg quality open annotation implementation to eBooks.

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Active Textbook technology is now available with Sony DADC’s User Rights Management System

At the London Book Fair, Datalogics and SONY presented an Active Textbook-based READynamic reading system with URMS (User Rights Management System). It’s a new version of Active Textbook technology branded for DataLogics that offers the same interactive functionality and benefits of the original solution; and now with the integration of Sony DADC ’s URMS. The Sony DADC URMS, featured in READynamic, offers a powerful level of industry recognized security that will allow for full content protection, while offering the user flexible content control.

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Evident Point joining IDPF/W3C

Evident Point has joined W3C community, namely W3C Publishing Business Group that will be working on development of EPUB and related Open Web Platform functionality going forward on a royalty – free (RF) basis. We also joined the EPUB Community Group, which has been as formed, the W3C / IDPF Combination was finalized, to ensure EPUB’s maintenance and advance EPUB’s further adoption.

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W3C officially releases “Annotations” recommendations

W3C publishes standards (recommendations) for Web Annotations, which makes annotations first-class citizens of the web. This is an important step in making annotations available on the web, cross-applications and cross-platforms. ActiveTexbook comments are mostly inline with the spec, and plan to extend the support for application-independent annotations.

See more info about the spec here

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New ATB version as READynamic Plus presented at Frankfurt Book Fair

Datalogics presented the new version of ActiveTextbook under their brand name of READynamic Plus to a packed house at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany this October. Their presentation, in partnership with SONY, presented a reader on the Active Textbook platform that supports SONY DRM for EPUB3. The integration of SONY’s User Rights Management System (URMS) DRM offers the security of a well-known DRM system for eBooks distributed via ActiveTextbook that is a recognized industry standard. We are very excited about where the interest generated by the FBF presentation could lead!

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Piron becomes Value Added Reseller for Active Textbook

Evident Point is pleased to announce our partnership with Piron Corp for our flagship product, Active Textbook. Piron is our value-added reseller for Asia and the Middle East. Headquartered in New York, Piron is a leading provider of learning technology solutions. Evident Point and Active Textbook are a natural fit with Piron. Ankur Aggarwal, CEO of Piron Corp., explained that Active Textbook was the only platform he found that met his customers growing needs: supporting interactive digital content, enabling teachers to add additional custom material, supporting both PDF and EPUB based eBooks, and could be readily customized and integrated with various learning management systems.

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Creating Engaging Physics Courses � with Active Textbook

Alex Khramov from Bellingham Technical College and Ching Yue from Datalogics presented their perspectives on using Active Textbook at the Learning Impact Leadership Institute in San Antonio, TX. The conference brings together educators and technology leaders to discuss the practical issues digital learning. Ching introduced Active Textbook and discussed copyright management and integration possibilities, while Alex talked about his experience using Active Textbook to augment his online physics class.”

You can access the presentation here

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Open eBooks App officially launched!

Today, Michelle Obama officially launched the Open eBooks app.

Open eBooks is best described as a “library of opportunity.” Targeting youth in need, Open eBooks makes thousands of popular and award-winning titles freely accessible to children and adolescents from low-income households.

As Readium experts, Evident Point began working on this project with the New York Public Library last summer. With Readium at its core, the app allows children and teens to easily access the full text and illustrations of thousands of titles, which were generously contributed by publishers.

Many thanks to Juan, Raduz, and Ben for their work on this great project.

For more information, please see the official press release from the White House: Now Available: A Library of Opportunity

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New York Public Library

Evident Point is pleased to work with the New York Public Library on the Open eBooks Initiative. The initiative seeks to make eBooks freely accessible to low-income children and adolescents. Publishers are making thousands of books available through the Open eBooks app, including classics and popular contemporary works. The Open eBooks app and the associated Library Simplified app both are built on Readium

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Datalogics is now an Active Textbook Distributor

Evident Point is pleased to announce our distribution partnership with Datalogics for our flagship product—Active Textbook. Datalogics is the premier source for PDF and eBook technologies, and we have always enjoyed working with them as a technology partner. We are very excited to have this opportunity to bring Active Textbook to new markets.

For more information please see the full press release.

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8 Powerful Reasons Why Creating an Interactive eBook will Grow Your Brand

Entrepreneur John Locke released his book series “Donovan Creed”, a story about a former CIA assassin, without the help of an agent, a marketing budget or even a background in writing.

However, he didn’t let those circumstances, stop him from achieving literary success. In fact, his business acumen and marketing prowess enabled him to sell more than 1,100,000 eBooks in just five months, making him the eighth author in the world and the first self-published author in history to have crossed the 1 million eBook sales mark.

Such success stories aren’t that frequent, and yet John has mentioned on numerous occasions that his results are in fact repeatable. There are certain underlying principles and conditions that affect human behavior and decision making, which might have contributed to his enormous levels of success.

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn how some of these principles might have played an integral role in making John Locke a New York Times best-selling author, and how the awareness of these principles will help you build and market your brand through eBook publishing.

Read more…

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The Evolving Role of Libraries in the Digital Age – Finale

An integral aspect of community publishing is the need for a platform that allows the authors to create, upload and share their eBooks.

A short while back, our company, Evident Point collaborated with Richmond Public Library on a project called Create [&] Learn, which we also spoke about during the annual British Columbia Libraries Association (BCLA) Connect Conference this year.

Read more…

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The Evolving Role of Libraries in the Digital Age – Part II

When Earl finally began visiting publishers, ready with his manuscript, he was asked to leave the documents at the office with hope that he would get a reply soon. The general reply he got after few weeks was in the form of a rejection letter.

A few months later, he was almost ready to give up his dreams of publishing his family memoir. Heart breaking as it was, he woke up and realized that he needed to provide for his wife and his pet Labrador. So far, he was able to pursue his dreams as much he had because his children were grown up and had their own families.

Read more…

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The Evolving Role of Libraries in the Digital Age – Part I


It was 2 am, and Earl was at his laptop feeling a mixture of nervousness, excitement and empowerment, ready to click on the publish button. His wife was fast asleep in the bedroom and the moon was shining through his open window as if congratulating him on this momentous occasion- He was finally ready to publish his own eBook!

The last 4 months had been transformational for Earl because he finally found a way to share his family memoir with the rest of the world. Most importantly, due to some combination of luck and coincidence, he was able to find a community and support network that provided him the tools, mentorship and strategies to launch his own book and share his story with the word. Read more…

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Will Jim be able to Find a Solution to his Training Requirements?


As promised, here is Part II of yesterday’s article titled ‘ Jim is Facing some Real Internal Training Challenges. Are You?’.

Today’s article is a continuation of that article, so In case you haven’t part I of this article series, read it here.

Yesterday, I shared that Jim is facing some real problems.

In fact, just last week, Jim had an extended discussion with his CEO. The message was clear. The company was looking to cut costs in every way possible, and that meant reducing costs for running on-boarding programs. They needed a way to establish themselves as a company that is technologically progressive, sustainable, and customer focused.

Read more…

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Jim is Facing Some Real Internal Training Challenges. Are You? (Part I)


It happened again.

Jim just received the third email in a month from the CEO criticizing the increased cost for the internal training program at his company. A cold sweat trickled down his forehead as he sank into his full grain leather chair, staring into oblivion and feeling a mixture of anxiety, confusion and worry.

I’ve got a quick question for you. Have you ever felt the pressure of downsizing or cost cutting? Read more…

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Active Textbook co-sponsors the Internet Marketing Mastery Conference!

Active Textbook co-sponsored the Internet Marketing Mastery Conference in Vancouver. This conference attracted some of the most successful marketers, publishers and thought leaders in the internet marketing industry.

Aditya and Tiffinie had a great time getting to know local entrepreneurs and professionals who were looking for a simple and easy way to share their story and take their audience from reading to interacting! One of the tweets that was shared multiple times by the conference attendees was:

“@activeTextbook is going to #Disrupt the PDF and file sharing system #IMMastery #tech #innovation“

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Active Textbook at the BCLA Connect conference!

Tiffinie, from the Active Textbook team, co-presented Create [&] Learn at BCLA Connect, the annual conference for the BC Libraries Association. In the session we discussed why Richmond Public Library decided to use Active Textbook as the basis for Create [&] Learn, and we demonstrated how the platform works. There was a lively discussion on the future plans for Create [&] Learn and the endless possibilities of what communities can create and share.

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RM Education switches to using Active Textbook for eBook publishing and viewing

RM Education, the biggest electronic schoolbook distributor in the UK, switched to using Active Textbook for eBook publishing and viewing. RM wanted to expand the functionality of their existing PDF reader and offer an ePUB reader as well. RM chose Active Textbook because it enabled the creation of reports that tracked reading sessions, and could therefore provide feedback to teachers and allow them to customise their teaching to support individual student needs.

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Active Textbook is now used by ICBC

Active Textbook reader is now used by ICBC to help prepare you to pass the learner’s (Class 7L) license. We built a reader for ICBC, which was based on Readium and Active Textbook, we also converted their driver training manuals from PDF to ePUB.

The Learn to Drive Smart manual is now viewable as a reflowable document on most mobile phones and include practice quizzes, so users can study while in transit, at home or outdoors!

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A New Version of Active Textbook has been released!

Check out our new version of Active Textbook with new user interface enhancement. Creation of quizzes is now via the same modal as hotspots was before. This new overlay feature allows authors to inlay images and text into uploaded documents.

Users can now preview images and view video clips/audio clips in any media library by either double clicking a media item or clicking on the preview hover button

Get the most out of your Active Textbook from now on and enjoy reading more with these new features.

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Catholic International Education Office (OIEC) has started using ActiveTextbook as their publishing platform

Catholic International Education Office (OIEC) is using ActiveTextbook as their main publishing platform for distributing their books.

OIEC, an international organization headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, delivers learning materials to 210,000 schools and 44 million pupils all over the world.

See their publishing page at Tralcom ActiveTextbook.

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4CIO Magazine based on ActiveTextbook has been released in Moscow, Russia!

4CIO ActiveTextbook is a collective project of the club for IT directors 4CIO and an expert view of the IT professionals at development of companies and technologies. 4CIO IT experts will be using ActiveTextbook publishing platform as their professional development.

Dmitry Izmestiev, vice-president on innovations of the Group of companies LANIT: “Advantage of electronic work books, created on the basis of ActiveTextbook are university and multimedia. Such book is easy to read from any device, because there are no limits on operation systems. It is possible to add various video materials, graphics, references on different resources and inquiries quickly. High level and newness of the Company’s developments is approved by the fact that top-managers of large companies – experts of IT-sphere – have chosen such solution from LANIT for their projects”

To learn more about 4CIO ActiveTextbook, visit here.

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Film Connection Institute is using ActiveTextbook for their online courses

Film Connection Institute is using ActiveTextbook for their online learning programs and interacting with students. The Recording Radio and Film Connection (RRF) provides one on one mentor/apprentice classes in film directing, film producing, screen writing, editing, and general film production.

More News on RRF and their exciting projects with ActiveTextbook are coming soon!

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New Version of Active Textbook just released!

Check out our new version of Active Textbook with new user interface enhancement and added features such as dynamic text, reading mode, and custom dynamic web content implementation. You can easily customize an interactive message by adding a dynamic markup or block of your code from any part of your website for demonstration within Active Textbook coded in JavaScript or HTML.

Furthermore, you are able to look up words using built-in dictionary within Active Textbook provided by Wordnik. Sign up today or sign in with your Facebook account with just one click away.

Get the most out of your Active Textbook from now on and enjoy reading more with these new features.

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Active Textbook Block is Now Available for Moodle!

Evident Point is pleased to announce its partnership with Lambda Solutions in order to enhance the teaching-learning process. Lambda Solutions is a full service Moodle integrator that provides highly customized solutions for clients across Canada and United States.

This effortless integration permits instructors and learners to easily access their selected Active Textbooks within each specific course on Moodle and be able to view, manage, and share their content. Use this efficient solution to improve your students’ learning outcomes.

We customize the Active Textbook and Moodle integration solution packages to meet your needs.
Please contact us via for more information.

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Partnership with Upper Lynn Elementary

The North Vancouver School District has been journeying with us since our beta versions to bring Active Textbook to some of their students and teachers. A group of highly dedicated and innovative teachers, motivated to reach their students through technology, are pioneering the effort to compose and deliver their own interactive learning modules through Active Textbook. To an audience where point-and-click is a norm, they are meeting students in their terms and bringing learning closer. Read more…

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Open Textbook Initiative in B.C.

Last month, the B.C. government released that they will be developing open textbooks for 40 post-secondary courses to be used as early as the next school year. This is great news! From the first day of talking to our potential users, we knew that one of the most poignant issue for educators is acquiring the source textbooks which they can share with their students. Over the last couple years, we have witnessed the Open Educational Resources movement gain traction and grow. This means that teachers using Open Educational Resources can forego the complicated process of acquiring the license to share digital copies of the textbooks online and the costs associated with it. The vision of equipping teachers with these resources pairs well with Active Textbook since it could be a great platform for remixing and distributing these resources. could facilitate courses driven primarily with these resources by lending its course-structured nature for educators to group relevant resources and deliver these to students. We hope and expect great synergy from these movements and we are especially excited for this new development in B.C.!

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Page History: Now, where was I…?

Have you ever seen a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book? It’s a game book where the reader gets to assume the role of the protagonist in the book and make decisions. The book will direct the reader to page X for decision A or page Y for decision B and the reader gets to play out the plot. It is designed so that, once you make a decision and flip to a certain page, it’s not easy to go back to the page you were on before. This is exactly what was happening with Active Textbook with our efforts to help people navigate freely around the book. Bookmarks, hotspot summary, and table of contents were focused on bringing people to specific pages without a way back. This just wouldn’t do! In the newest update of the software, we’ve added a feature to track your previous page so that you can go back to any place in the book as easily as you left it. Now you can flip pages without fear!

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Active Viewer on Android tablets

The Active Viewer is now fully functional on Android tablets. During our planning stage, we interviewed potential users asking them which tablet they would like to see Active Textbook on. While some were decisive in their answers, others were on the fence because they weren’t sure which devices their students and readers would use. We realized that we can’t expect all of our users to be technology trend forecasters in the ever-changing tablet market and decided that we would strive to compatible with all major platforms. Using the HTML5 technologies, we first made sure that our Active Viewer could be used on the iPad and recently polished off a few features to be functional on Android tablets (using Chrome) as well.

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Comment Tool: Make your learning social!

The Lone Ranger attitude for learning was never intended in education. Classes are filled with peers and instructors working together to create an engaging learning atmosphere. So why should online learning be any different? Active Textbook is looking to bring this to the users in simple terms. Students and teachers will be able to share their ideas, ask questions and discuss issues with the new Comment Tool. The Comment Tool is just one of the many new features included in the latest release of Active Textbook! Users can add comments to any part of the book and join in the discussions which are already taking place among their classmates. We also added a Comment Summary Panel to provide an overview of all the comments in the Active Textbook. It’s simple in concept and easy to use!

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Active Textbook is a Success at eLearnExpo

The international e-Learning exhibition and conference, eLearnExpo, in Moscow was a smashing success! Amongst the 80 presentations made by both local and international experts, the Active Textbook team was presented with the best debut award. The features and sleek design of the new Active Textbook left the crowd thoroughly impressed. More details are available here.

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New Active Textbook is Released!

A new version of Active Textbook has finally been released! With no download necessary, the new Active Textbook is now a completely web-based application utilizing HTML5 technologies. Equipped with a sleeker design, social learning tools, as well as cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, the new Active Textbook aims to improve digital learning for students and teachers worldwide.

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Active Textbook at UBC

Active Textbook was introduced to students taking a course on educational technology at UBC (Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy). After a short presentation, students were encouraged to create their own digital curriculum materials with Active Textbook. During a follow up survey more than 60 percent of all participants indicated that they are “Very likely” to use Active Textbook in their work as teachers.

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Success at Catalyst For Science and CUEBC conferences!

Active Textbook was recently featured at the CUEBC and Catalyst For Science conferences. Our team demonstrated the Active Textbook platform for teachers and school district representatives. There is a strong need for technologies that enable teachers to design and distribute digital courseware. Active Textbook attracted a lot of attention for that reason! Education professionals appreciated how Active Textbook is easy to use and has powerful authoring and publishing functionality. New contacts established during CUEBC and Catalyst will allow us to bring Active Textbook to new schools and school districts.