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Three Tips to Create Digital Content That Stands Out from the Crowd

Online publishing is on the rise and currently there is an abundance of digital content. Since over ninety million people are using e-books, it is absolutely essential for you to stay on top of new trends in the online publishing industry and to make sure your content doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

It may feel overwhelming to keep up with all of the new trends in such an evolving industry, that’s why we are giving you three tips that help you publish content that stands out from the others. Continue reading Three Tips to Create Digital Content That Stands Out from the Crowd

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Readium 0.29 Has Been Released

Readium 0.29 has been released

The Readium development community is pleased to announce the release of 0.29. This release was pushed to master and the Chrome store on 22 December 2017.

This release is primarily some minor updates:

  • Additional fixes and improvements to the support in the Readium CloudReader
  • Updating the Android support in the SDK to the latest releases for Android tooling and the NDK
  • A number of minor bug fixes across the various modules

The tag for this release is 0.29 on GitHub.  Continue reading Readium 0.29 Has Been Released

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W3C Has Published Three First Public Working Drafts

The W3C Publishing Working Group has published three First Public Working Drafts (FPWD), and Evident Point is ensuring that ActiveTextbook is compliant with all three. According to W3C, the three drafts are as follows:

Web Publications – A collection of information defining the structures of Web Publications in a way that user agents are able to provide user experiences that are well-suited to reading publications. These user experiences include features such as sequential navigation and offline reading. The Web Publications include the default reading order, a list of resources, and publication-wide metadata. Continue reading W3C Has Published Three First Public Working Drafts

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ActiveTextbook on The Path of Becoming Fully Accessible

Currently, around 15-20% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability. This is the case while most websites and software products are not accessible, making it difficult or even impossible for many people to use.

Web is an essential part of daily life for a lot of people and it is crucial to remove barriers that prevent interaction with or access to websites and software products. One example of accessibility is adding alternative texts to images (alt text). Adding alt texts to photos allows visually impaired users to get access to the image information using screen readers. There is even a business case here since in addition to accessibility, adding alternative texts will greatly help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it provides better image descriptions, helping search engine crawlers to index an image properly. Continue reading ActiveTextbook on The Path of Becoming Fully Accessible

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Readium 0.28 Has Been Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Readium 0.28. This new version of the EPUB reading system can be used in different browsers and embedded into browser apps.

One of the main components of this release is the implementation of a plugin, which provides integration with the framework of annotations and bookmarks. The integration will provide readers and authors the ability to Continue reading Readium 0.28 Has Been Released

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ActiveTextbook with Docker Containers

I’d like to discuss a topic that’s not directly relevant to end users but is very important to businesses hosting and maintaining ActiveTextbook. Specifically, I’ll be talking about hosting and updating ActiveTextbook server software with Docker containers.

Docker is a containerization technology that has taken off in the last few years. The original ground work was laid by Google, but popularized by Docker Inc in 2013. Containerization is a standard way to package server side applications. Packaging all applications in the same manner allows for a efficient workflows and numerous other benefits: Continue reading ActiveTextbook with Docker Containers

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Scribble Path Smoothing

Some devices don’t report precise touch point readings. This results in noisy(i.e., not smooth) scribble paths. We need to clean up the scribble data.

Firstly, we use the Douglas-Peucker path simplification algorithm to reduce the number of points in a scribble. Douglas-Peucker is able to remove about 80% of points while retaining shape of scribble. It works by removing any points that fall near a line between some other two points. Then when drawing a path with the reduced set of points, a shape very similar to the original scribble path is reproduced. Read more…

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Readium 1.5: towards a fully compliant Readium 2

Readium 1 is now ancient in Internet terms, and there are a number of good reasons for a rewrite. However while that is happening it’s helpful to reuse some of the functionality from Readium 1 with Readium 2.

Although Evident Point was the initial contributor to Readium, there were many organizations and individuals that contributed to Readium over the years. Readium grew organically, to solve business needs at the time. This has resulted in a complex code base that is poorly documented and is difficult for newcomers to understand. To address these and other issues EDRLab announced the start of Readium 2 project at the end of 2016.

Along with resolving issues identified earlier, Readium 2 (R2) aims to define a “Web Publication Manifest”. Readium 1 (R1) was only designed to work with ePUB documents, while R2 is committed to the open web by engineering support for various document types at inception.

Readium 2 introduces a few architectural changes compared to Readium 1. Read more…

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Single sign-on: ActiveTextbook with an LMS using OAuth2


You’re probably familiar with OAuth2 already. OAuth2 is the technology behind the “Login with Facebook” or “Login with Google” buttons (and many others). OAuth2 is the best way to create a single sign on for two disparate web applications.

With single sign-on (SSO) users do not have to remember multiple passwords when logging into various applications. This becomes especially convenient with applications such as Blackboard, Canvas or Moodle where an instructor embeds an ActiveTextbook document in a course. When a user clicks the book link from within an LMS the user is transparently logged into ActiveTextbook without having to type a username and password, potentially without realizing that they have ended up in a separate application. Read more…

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8 Powerful Reasons Why Creating an Interactive eBook will Grow Your Brand

Entrepreneur John Locke released his book series “Donovan Creed”, a story about a former CIA assassin, without the help of an agent, a marketing budget or even a background in writing.

However, he didn’t let those circumstances, stop him from achieving literary success. In fact, his business acumen and marketing prowess enabled him to sell more than 1,100,000 eBooks in just five months, making him the eighth author in the world and the first self-published author in history to have crossed the 1 million eBook sales mark.

Such success stories aren’t that frequent, and yet John has mentioned on numerous occasions that his results are in fact repeatable. There are certain underlying principles and conditions that affect human behavior and decision making, which might have contributed to his enormous levels of success.

In the next few paragraphs, you will learn how some of these principles might have played an integral role in making John Locke a New York Times best-selling author, and how the awareness of these principles will help you build and market your brand through eBook publishing.

Read more…

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The Evolving Role of Libraries in the Digital Age – Finale

An integral aspect of community publishing is the need for a platform that allows the authors to create, upload and share their eBooks.

A short while back, our company, Evident Point collaborated with Richmond Public Library on a project called Create [&] Learn, which we also spoke about during the annual British Columbia Libraries Association (BCLA) Connect Conference this year.

Read more…

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The Evolving Role of Libraries in the Digital Age – Part II

When Earl finally began visiting publishers, ready with his manuscript, he was asked to leave the documents at the office with hope that he would get a reply soon. The general reply he got after few weeks was in the form of a rejection letter.

A few months later, he was almost ready to give up his dreams of publishing his family memoir. Heart breaking as it was, he woke up and realized that he needed to provide for his wife and his pet Labrador. So far, he was able to pursue his dreams as much he had because his children were grown up and had their own families.

Read more…

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The Evolving Role of Libraries in the Digital Age – Part I


It was 2 am, and Earl was at his laptop feeling a mixture of nervousness, excitement and empowerment, ready to click on the publish button. His wife was fast asleep in the bedroom and the moon was shining through his open window as if congratulating him on this momentous occasion- He was finally ready to publish his own eBook!

The last 4 months had been transformational for Earl because he finally found a way to share his family memoir with the rest of the world. Most importantly, due to some combination of luck and coincidence, he was able to find a community and support network that provided him the tools, mentorship and strategies to launch his own book and share his story with the word. Read more…

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Will Jim be able to Find a Solution to his Training Requirements?


As promised, here is Part II of yesterday’s article titled ‘ Jim is Facing some Real Internal Training Challenges. Are You?’.

Today’s article is a continuation of that article, so In case you haven’t part I of this article series, read it here.

Yesterday, I shared that Jim is facing some real problems.

In fact, just last week, Jim had an extended discussion with his CEO. The message was clear. The company was looking to cut costs in every way possible, and that meant reducing costs for running on-boarding programs. They needed a way to establish themselves as a company that is technologically progressive, sustainable, and customer focused.

Read more…

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Jim is Facing Some Real Internal Training Challenges. Are You? (Part I)


It happened again.

Jim just received the third email in a month from the CEO criticizing the increased cost for the internal training program at his company. A cold sweat trickled down his forehead as he sank into his full grain leather chair, staring into oblivion and feeling a mixture of anxiety, confusion and worry.

I’ve got a quick question for you. Have you ever felt the pressure of downsizing or cost cutting? Read more…

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Partnership with Upper Lynn Elementary

The North Vancouver School District has been journeying with us since our beta versions to bring Active Textbook to some of their students and teachers. A group of highly dedicated and innovative teachers, motivated to reach their students through technology, are pioneering the effort to compose and deliver their own interactive learning modules through Active Textbook. To an audience where point-and-click is a norm, they are meeting students in their terms and bringing learning closer. Read more…